This is the list for all support heroes. If you are looking for the list of main heroes, see here.

Arthur Icon Arthur L Legendary Kings Judgment King's Judgment FrontCross 200
Karinna Icon Karinna L Legendary Heavenly Sword Heavenly Sword 3x3 300
Vanessa Icon Vanessa L Legendary Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb Cross 200
Melissa Icon Melissa L Legendary Vengeful Arrow Vengeful Arrow 3x3 300
Tiphareth Icon Tiphareth L Legendary Divine Blessing Divine Blessing Ally Cross 200
Guinevere Icon Guinevere L Legendary Angelic Smile Angelic Smile Ally Row 200
Gareth Icon Gareth L Legendary Warrior Spirit Warrior Spirit 3x3 200
Owen Icon Owen L Legendary Stalwart Defense Stalwart Defense Ally SingleTarget 100
Morgan Le Fay Icon Morgan le Fay L Legendary Abyssal Summons Abyssal Summons Ally SingleTarget 300
Fersona Icon Fersona L Legendary Bewitch Bewitch Column 200
Robin Icon Robin L Legendary Robin SeaofFire Sea of Fire 3x3 300
Felix Icon Felix L Legendary Poison Rain Poison Rain 3x3 300
Dinari Icon Dinari L Legendary Royal Flush Royal Flush Column 200
Ione Icon Ione L Legendary Everbloom Everbloom Ally SingleTarget 100
Angela Icon Angela L Legendary Spear Toss Spear Toss Column 200
Eluria Icon Eluria L Legendary Ecstatic Hymn Ecstatic Hymn Row 200
Sargatanas Icon Sargatanas L Legendary Death Sentence Death Sentence 3x3 300
Khalid Icon Khalid L Legendary Soul Slayer Soul Slayer FrontSingleTarget 100
Treant Elder Icon Treant Elder L Legendary Forest Prison Forest Prison Column 200
Mordred Icon Mordred L Legendary Flourish Flourish Column 200
Turk Icon Turk 6 1 Great Quake Great Quake 3x3 300
Ananta Icon Ananta L Legendary Overpower Overpower Cross 200
Dober Icon Dober L Legendary Cobra Shot Cobra Shot SingleTarget 100
Kruel Icon Kruel L Legendary Elegant Brutality Elegant Brutality FrontSingleTarget 100
Radin Icon Radin L Legendary Blade Dance Blade Dance Row 200
Lindy Icon Lindy L Legendary First Aid First Aid Ally SingleTarget 100
Jarkan Icon Jarkan L Legendary Crimson Bomber Crimson Bomber SingleTarget 200
Hanson Icon Hanson 6 1 Mourning Spear Mourning Spear Column 200
Nebiros Icon Nebiros 6 1 Dark Prayer Dark Prayer SingleTarget 100
Gaston Icon Gaston L Legendary Hearty Roar Hearty Roar 3x3 200
Mukigukit Icon Mukigukit 6 1 Giant Fist Giant Fist 3x3 300
Sibyl Icon Sibyl 6 1 Magic Burst Magic Burst 3x3 300
Sarah Icon Sarah L Legendary Piercing Shot Piercing Shot Column 200
William Icon William L Legendary Shield Bash Shield Bash FrontSingleTarget 300
Lindsay Icon Lindsay L Legendary Lifelight Lifelight Ally Row 200
Forest Witch Icon Forest Witch 6 1 Silent Forest Silent Forest 1SquareBehind 200
Sargatanas Jr Icon Sargatanas Jr. 6 1 Spirit Taker Spirit Taker SingleTarget 200
Not Hanson Icon Not Hanson 6 1 Fiery Fist Fiery Fist FrontSingleTarget 100
Naga Dragonmaw Icon Naga Dragonmaw 6 1 Snake Crusher Snake Crusher Column 200
Barrke Icon Barrke 6 1 Roll Over Roll Over Column 200
Arson Icon Arson L Legendary Pyrotechnics Pyrotechnics Cross 200
Drek Icon Drek 6 1 Cataclysm Cataclysm FrontCross 200
Pendragon Sentinel Icon Pendragon Sentinel 6 1 Triple Skewer Triple Skewer Column 200
Nottingham Militiaman Icon Nottingham Militiaman 6 1 Shout Shout 3x3 200
Chimpie Icon Chimpie 6 1 Banana Dance Banana Dance SingleTarget 100
Naga Sorcerer Icon Naga Sorcerer 6 1 Soul Healing Soul Healing Ally SingleTarget 100
Nipper Icon Nipper L Legendary Bolas Toss Bolas Toss SingleTarget 100
Ribbart Icon Ribbart 6 1 Furious Pickaxe Furious Pickaxe FrontSingleTarget 100
Naga Fighter Icon Naga Fighter 6 1 Snake Crusher Snake Crusher Column 200
Naga Warrior Icon Naga Warrior 6 1 Venom Fang Venom Fang 1SquareBehind 100
70x70px Book of Heroes 3 1 Iron Wisdom Iron Wisdom Ally Row 200
Lesser Lexicon Icon Lesser Lexicon 6 1 Iron Wisdom Iron Wisdom Ally Row 200
Minor Lexicon Icon Minor Lexicon 6 1 Iron Wisdom Iron Wisdom Ally Row 200
Shyre Icon Shyre L Legendary Torrent Torrent Column 200
Furia Icon Furia L Legendary Doom Ray Doom Ray 3x3 300
Serisa Icon Serisa L Legendary Night Mantle Night Mantle Ally SingleTarget 100
Kainan Icon Kainan L Legendary Firebird Firebird 3x3 300
Vera Icon Vera L Legendary True Moon True Moon 3x3 300
Camille Icon Camille 6 2 Frost Wind Frost Wind Column 200
Sigrune Icon Sigrune 6 2 Dark Arrow Dark Arrow Column 200
Brynhilt Icon Brynhilt 6 2 Blood Confession Blood Confession Ally SingleTarget 100
Scraggleweald Icon Scraggleweald 6 2 Hell Fire Hell Fire 3x3 300
Arielle Icon Arielle 6 2 Overflow Overflow 3x3 300
Harold Icon Harold L Legendary Heroic Heart Heroic Heart Row 200
Broken Arrow Assassin Icon Broken Arrow Assassin 6 2 Precision Strikes Precision Strikes Ally Row 200
Broken Arrow Spy Icon Broken Arrow Spy 6 2 Leafwalk Leafwalk FrontSingleTarget 100
Broken Arrow Destroyer Icon Broken Arrow Destroyer 6 2 Body Blow Body Blow FrontSingleTarget 100
Broken Arrow Looter Icon Broken Arrow Looter 6 2 Ptooie Ptooie! SingleTarget 100
Broken Arrow Trainer Icon Broken Arrow Trainer 6 2 Force Strike Force Strike FrontSingleTarget 100
Kuroko Icon Kuroko L Legendary Lightning Slash Lightning Slash 3x3 300
Big Tao Icon Big Tao L Legendary Mourning Spear Big Pow Row 200
Ereina Icon Ereina L Legendary Abyssal Summons Spiritfriend Ally SingleTarget 300
Erin Icon Erin L Legendary Silver Arrow Silver Arrow 3x3 300
Alfina Icon Alfina L Legendary Crossfire Crossfire SingleTarget 100
Amara Amara L Legendary Thunder strike Thunder Strike 3x3 300
Remia Remia L Legendary Death Spear Death Spear 3x3 300
Yukio Icon Yukio L Legendary Falling Petals Falling Petals 3x3 300
Drake Icon Drake L Legendary Searing Chain Searing Chain Column 200
Blood Pearl Icon Black Pearl L Legendary Sea of Silence Sea of Silence 3x3 300
Magical Girl Ione Icon Magical Girl Ione L Legendary MGISkill Magical Thunder Column 200