Main Information

Harold Pendragon
A prince of Pendragon and second in line for the throne.

He is nothing like his father, King Arthur, and there are rumors that he is not truly the king's son. He hates physical activity and loves eating, so he grows bigger and rounder every day. Queen Fersona dotes on him incessantly, turning him into a very spoiled child.

Weapon used: Gun
Season Legendary Rank Legend A
Trait Fury Thief
Skill Heroic Heart
Effect Absorb Fury
Fury Cost 200 Range
Heroic Heart
Shoots a barrage of bullets at a row of enemies to deal x(+x) damage and steal some Fury.
Mythic Skill Burst Fire
After entering battle, increases weapon activation chance by 5/10/15/20% and Critical Damage by 5/10/15/20% for gun wielding Heroes.
Mythic Bonuses AGI +x, VIT +x