Main Information

Guinevere Pendragon
The former queen of Pendragon.

Born to the noble house of Durasis, she was the wife to Arthur of Pendragon, and mother of Princess Karinna. The leader of the Royal Guard, Rideran, lusted after Guinevere, staged a rebellion to take the throne, and stole the queen away. Sadly, Guinevere fell upon Rideran's sword in this rebellion, saving her husband's life at the cost of her own.

Weapon used: Staff
Season Legendary Rank Legend A
Trait Cleanse
Skill Angelic Smile
Effect Remove Debuff / Regeneration
Fury Cost 200 Range
Ally Row
Angelic Smile
Dispels debuff for allies in a row, restores x(+x) HP instantly. Restores additional x(+x) HP for 2 turns and becomes immune to status effects.
Mythic Skill Guardian
After entering battle, creates a shield for all allies in a row for 1/2/3/4 turn(s).
Mythic Bonuses INT +x, VIT +x


Combo Name Combo Effect Rank Leader Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero 4
Healing Spring HP 25%, Defense 8% Boost S Princess Astea Ione Lindy Guinevere
Princess Astea


  • Guinevere, King Arthur's queen and true love, was kidnapped by Rideran. The ordeal ended in open rebellion - and the queen's death.